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EvexiPEL Testosterone Pellet Therapy | Crown Point, Indiana

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Why Choose Monarch Men's Health?

At Monarch Men’s Health in Crown Point, Indiana, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the region for advanced hormone replacement therapies. As the first in Northwest Indiana to introduce the innovative EvexiPEL® Pellets, we offer a level of expertise and convenience that eliminates the need for travel to larger cities like Chicago or Indianapolis.

Our certified EvexiPEL® specialists are not just experts in hormone health; they are dedicated to understanding and treating the unique hormonal needs of each patient. By choosing Monarch Men’s Health, you’re opting for a team that prioritizes personalized care and tailored treatment plans. Our approach ensures that every aspect of your health is addressed, allowing for optimal outcomes.

EvexiPEL® hormone therapy is designed for those who seek a more natural and consistent solution to hormone imbalance symptoms. The treatment involves bioidentical hormone pellets, which are inserted subcutaneously to provide a steady dose of hormones, mimicking the body’s natural processes and providing relief without the fluctuations associated with other hormone therapies.

Choose Monarch Men’s Health for your hormone therapy needs and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re being cared for by the forefront leaders in hormone health right here in NWI. Embrace a life of enhanced well-being and vitality with EvexiPEL® at Monarch Men’s Health.

What is EvexiPEL?

EvexiPEL is a revolutionary hormone replacement therapy method that offers a natural, bioidentical approach to managing hormone levels. Developed by Terri DeNeui, DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC, this method uses tiny, rice-sized pellets that are inserted just beneath the skin, providing a consistent, steady release of hormones. This simple in-office procedure ensures you receive hormone therapy tailored to your unique physiological needs, enhancing your overall wellness and vitality

Why is EvexiPEL Preferred?

EvexiPEL stands out due to its use of a patented pellet from FarmaKeio Outsourcing, ensuring precision, consistency, and purity. These pellets not only enhance comfort but also provide sustained hormone levels, which means fewer fluctuations and more consistent benefits. Research shows that patients treated with the EvexiPEL method experience fewer complications compared to other pellet therapies, making it a preferred choice for those seeking effective and hassle-free hormone optimization.

What to Expect from EvexiPEL?

Choosing EvexiPEL Pellet Therapy at Monarch Men’s Health means you’ll undergo comprehensive hormone testing to identify any imbalances. A personalized treatment plan is then crafted based on these findings. The pellet insertion is minimally invasive, with most patients reporting little to no discomfort, and you’ll begin to feel improvement within a few weeks. Ongoing monitoring and adjustments ensure that your hormone levels are optimized for your continued health.

Is EvexiPEL Right for You?

If you’re experiencing signs of hormone imbalance, EvexiPEL might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Our EvexiPEL Certified providers at Monarch Men’s Health are trained experts in hormone balance. They will evaluate your medical history, lifestyle, and symptoms to determine if this treatment aligns with your health goals. Whether you’re dealing with decreased sex drive, weight issues, or just general fatigue, EvexiPEL offers a personalized and scientifically backed approach to improving your quality of life.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Low Testosterone and Hormone Imbalance in Men

At Monarch Men’s Health, we understand that hormonal imbalances, including low testosterone, can significantly impact men’s health at any stage of life, but especially during middle age. Commonly known as andropause or “male menopause,” this stage can bring symptoms like mood swings, sleep problems, sexual dysfunction, and more, which may increase in frequency and intensity as testosterone levels decline.

Key Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Men Include:


These symptoms are often overlooked as simple signs of aging or stress but may indicate more serious hormonal imbalances that can lead to health complications such as heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

How EvexiPEL Pellet Therapy Can Help

EvexiPEL pellet therapy, provided by Monarch Men’s Health, offers a sophisticated solution to these challenges. This therapy uses bioidentical hormones derived from natural plant sources, which are compressed into tiny pellets. These pellets are inserted just beneath the skin in a quick, simple procedure, releasing consistent hormone levels over several months.

Benefits of EvexiPEL Pellet Therapy Include:

  • Sustained symptom relief from hormonal imbalances
  • Minimized risk of cardiovascular diseases linked to low testosterone
  • Enhanced mental clarity and mood stabilization
  • Improved sexual function and libido
  • Increased muscle mass and decreased fat accumulation
  • Better sleep patterns and increased energy levels


EvexiPEL is not just about easing symptoms—it’s about enhancing overall well-being and preventing the progression of potential health issues related to hormone imbalances.

If you’re experiencing signs of hormone imbalance, don’t dismiss them as just another part of getting older. At Monarch Men’s Health, our certified and trained providers specialize in diagnosing and treating these imbalances with a comprehensive approach. We consider your lifestyle, medical history, and detailed lab results to create a tailored treatment plan that includes EvexiPEL testosterone therapy, ensuring that your path to hormonal balance is as effective and personalized as possible.

Men dealing with related conditions such as erectile dysfunction, thyroid disorders, or adrenal fatigue will also find that addressing these with EvexiPEL can lead to significant improvements. For example, erectile dysfunction often stems from hormonal imbalances that EvexiPEL can correct by restoring proper hormonal levels and improving overall vascular health.

Consult With Our Experts

At Monarch Men’s Health in Crown Point, Indiana, we are dedicated to helping you understand your symptoms and the available treatments that can transform your health. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how EvexiPEL pellet therapy can be part of your solution to live a healthier, more vibrant life.